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Is it Worth Trying ExtremeVPN Alternatives?

Last updated: March 19, 2024 8 min read
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While a free VPN service may be alluring, nothing beats having a premium one like ExtremeVPN. Our VPN is a secure and private network with features ranging from Internet kill switch, split tunneling, ultra-fast speed, robust servers in multiple locations, and strong encryption. Learn why ExtremeVPN is the best among its alternatives.

People often consider alternatives to a product because they either can’t afford it or want something similar. As a result, they research similar products to make an informed decision. While there may be hundreds of alternatives to the product or service you are vying for, nothing beats the original.


In this case, ExtremeVPN is our primary focus. Do you want to settle for an alternative VPN service regarding your cybersecurity? Is it worth trying ExtremeVPN alternatives? This guide will help you decide if the ExtremeVPN alternatives are worth it.

Too Many VPNs on the Market

Every day, new VPNs pop up worldwide, promising to be safer than the previous ones. They often offer free subscriptions with catches that might be too good to be true. Some of these VPNs propose to keep your data safe and away from the public eye, and others propose to give you the smoothest ride ever.


While it seems like a steal, there may be disadvantages to choosing free VPNs, like exposing you to cyber stalkers, hackers, and more cyber threats. For this reason, it is advisable to use a premium VPN, and ExtremeVPN could be the finest choice.

ExtremeVPN Alternatives: What are the Risks?


There are three primary risks associated with using free ExtremeVPN alternatives which include:

User Experience

Since free VPNs don’t charge you anything, they may not offer top-notch services. You may find annoying ads popping up when you use these VPN services, which may be inconvenient since they don’t have ad blockers. However, it is the opposite for premium VPN services.

Premium VPNs charge you money to provide excellent features and an ambient cyber environment. These features include creating robust encryption protocols, no log policies, unblocking power, multiple IP addresses and server locations, and ultra-fast network speed.

For example, ExtremeVPN has over 6,500 VPN servers in 78+ locations worldwide. With optimization set to offer you blazing-fast download and upload speed while accessing geo-restrictions, ExtremeVPN is the perfect premium VPN.

Business Model

Nothing ever truly goes for free. There is always a catch; in cases of free VPNs, the users are most definitely the catch. Most free VPNs take every data you share on their website or app and sell them to third parties and advertisers.

Aside from selling your data, free VPNs cannot shield you from online threats, attacks, stalking, or hackers. Since their security is weak, you are prone to more risks than good.

With premium VPNs like ExtremeVPN, your data is safe and secure. Unlike the free alternatives, premium VPNs charge for a subscription to provide better service that does not include selling your data to third parties.

Server Speeds

Speed is super important when using VPNs, and ExtremeVPN has the fastest server speeds on the internet. These excellent speeds allow you to use the internet without disruptions through 20Gbps UK servers. ExtremeVPN’s ultra-fast speed allows you to download, upload, share files, and stream high-quality content.

Server Locations

ExtremeVPN has more server locations than most free VPNs would, with more than 6,500 servers available in over 78 countries worldwide. With ExtremeVPN, you have access to multiple server locations from different locations.

If you want to access an account or service as an expatriate in another country, ExtremeVPN server locations make that possible by providing you with an IP address. This IP address helps mask your identity and location online.

VPN Protocols

To ensure that your data is safe, secure, and without leaks, VPNs, including free VPNs, implement protocols. However, ExtremeVPN has a protocol that only the best VPNs have: IPv6 Leak Protection. With the IPv6 Leak Protection protocol, ExtremeVPN ensures that while using the VPN, there are no traffic leaks from your regular internet connection.


Security is another feature that users want while using a VPN. Free VPNs do not have enough resources to provide a fully secure service for you as a user. Luckily, ExtremeVPN offers users 100% security from cyber criminals with features like the Internet Kill Switch. This feature ensures that your data is secure if there’s ever a drop in your internet connection.

Customer Support

ExtremeVPN provides a one-on-one, round-the-clock customer support session for its users. The customer support feature is a live chat feature where you can make inquiries or ask for solutions to an ExtremeVPN service you are trying to figure out.

While a free VPN may offer you other services for free, most of them do not have a customer support feature, and as a user, you will eventually have questions about a service and need answers to them. This is precisely what ExtremeVPN offers.


Every user wants privacy while using a VPN, especially in areas where the content they are trying to access has restrictions. Free VPNs do not offer you privacy; they expose your information, leaving it to third parties and numerous ads.

Thankfully, ExtremeVPN takes your privacy seriously by keeping no logs of your search history or any information while using the service. This way, your data does not get into the hands of third parties.

Extra Features

While free VPN offers may sound enticing, they cannot compete with premium VPNs. Premium VPNs have features and high-security protocols that free VPNs cannot match even if they try.

Unlike alternatives, ExtremeVPN has multiple additional features that are geared toward user privacy and protection. Features such as port forwarding establish a secure network between your device and remote device without interaction from a firewall.

ExtremeVPN has an AES-256-bit data encryption that protects your data by preventing users with no authorization from accessing your data. You can also use ExtremeVPN to disarm geo-restriction blocks.

ExtremeVPN also has a 30-day money-back guarantee feature. This feature allows users access to all of its services with the possibility of getting a refund within a 30-day subscription. Plus, ExtremeVPN provides higher speed by preventing ISP throttling.

Why Choose ExtremeVPN Instead of its Alternatives?

Why ExtremeVPN is the Best VPN for Expats in 2023

There are multiple reasons why you should choose ExtremeVPN instead of its alternatives. Top of the list is that a paid VPN service offers far better features than any free VPN could ever provide. Below are three reasons why you should choose ExtremeVPN instead of its alternatives.

Security and Privacy

ExtremeVPN is known to provide impeccable security and unmatched privacy features. Some of these features include having a kill switch that ensures that even when there is a drop in internet connection, none of your data goes public.

Other features include recommending the best server for browsing and granting you access to defeat censorship or geo-blocking. It also has robust security protocols that protect you from cyber crimes.

A Faster, More Stable Experience

One of the fastest VPNs you’ll come across is ExtremeVPN. Because of how fast ExtremeVPN is, you have access to an easy-to-connect and buffer-free service. You can also connect fast to VPN servers around your area.

The kill switch feature provides a more stable experience, ensuring that your data is secure in the case of an internet connection malfunction.

Multiple Additional Features

Risk-free VPN Trial for 30 Days

Aside from security and privacy and a faster, more stable experience, ExtremeVPN has additional features. These additional features include split tunneling, allowing you to choose which app or site on your device uses your ISP or ExtremeVPN.

There is a no-log policy that does not keep logs of your data, ensuring that even if pressured by the government authority, there will be no information to share. ExtremeVPN also has active customer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscriptions, and protection from public Wi-Fi.


Alternatives are what they are: second choice, and in the end, free VPNs do not come close to premium VPNs like ExtremeVPN. ExtremeVPN uses the resources from paid subscriptions to ensure top-notch security, privacy, and speed features.


Are there any VPN alternatives that I can use? Up
Yes, there are VPN alternatives that you can use. These alternatives include decentralized VPNs, SSH tunnels, Tor, and proxy VPNs. While these are alternatives for VPNs, we recommend them as some have weak encryption that can lead to an internet data leak.
What is ExtremeVPN? Up
ExtremeVPN is a high-rating VPN service with over 6,500 servers in over 78 locations. It offers military-grade encryption, keeping user details safe and offering additional features in the users’ interest.
Which country has the most robust ExtremeVPN server? Up
The country with the strongest ExtremeVPN server is the United Kingdom. The server allows users in the UK to unblock geo-restrictions, guarantees anonymous browsing and online privacy, and bypasses cyberstalking.

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