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How to Save Money on Subscriptions with a VPN

Last updated: April 20, 2024 14 min read
How to Save Money on Subscriptions with a VPN

Do you spend a lot on shopping online and want to save money while doing so? A VPN service can greatly benefit you. ExtremeVPN saves a lot of your hard-earned money and enhances your digital security tenfold. Read this article to see how you can save a significant chunk while purchasing streaming platform subscriptions, video games, hotel bookings, renting cars, and flight tickets using ExtremeVPN.

Tired of bleeding budgets on pricier items while shopping online? While a VPN assists you in ensuring your digital protection by masking your IP address, it also enables you to secure the best deals while indulging in online shopping. If you know how to find the best offerings for your required products online, a VPN can play a crucial part in helping you save a major chunk. You only have to do some research and the VPN will take care of the rest.


Each country’s economy is diverse in many aspects, so the fares of particular products aren’t the same in each. For instance, the price range to buy subscriptions for certain streaming platforms, video games, air tickets, accommodation bookings, or restaurant reservations differs in the UK from that of Switzerland or the US. Using a VPN service, you can carry out particular tricks and benefit from significant discounts online in different regions. It’s quite an easy process, and you’ll enjoy it! 

1. Save Money on Subscriptions with a VPN?

Subscriptions with a VPN

Saving your money while indulging in online purchases is a straightforward process. All you need to do is become a subscriber of a reputable VPN service like ExtremeVPN and install its multi-device application on your device. Once your VPN is enabled, saving your precious money online is simple. Following is the step-by-step process of installing a VPN and selecting a relevant VPN server to get the best deals for your desired products.  

  1. Purchase an ExtremeVPN subscription. Among several other key features, it provides exceptional speed on all its servers across the globe.
  2. Download its user-friendly app from our official site and set it up on your device.
  3. Launch its installed app and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Select a VPN server in a country that provides the best online prices for your products.
  5. Tap on Connect. 

Thats it! You are now protected with ExtremeVPN’s military-grade encryption. Now, let’s discuss ways to preserve your hard-earned money and how you can achieve it. 

2. Save Money on Streaming Platforms with a VPN

Streaming Platforms with a VPN

Subscription charges for several renowned streaming sites, like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon, differ in many countries. The streaming platforms offer such price differentiation based on each country’s economy to lure their resident to their forums. 

Take Netflix, for instance; for American residents, securing a month’s subscription costs $18. Buying a Netflix subscription for Argitanians is much lower than this amount. The same is the case with other streaming sites. 

Before we divulge the details, you must understand that considering the wider adoption of VPNs worldwide, giant web forums like Netflix regularly spend a significant amount in upgrading their VPN detection tools. And in case you get caught using a VPN, it’s in Netflilx’s discretion whether to temporarily suspend your account or ban you for good. 

The best solution to negate such incidents is to go for a VPN that employs contemporary encryption protocols and provides the largest server options possible. For instance, ExtremeVPN offers 6500+ servers across 78 countries. So, there is less possibility of a particular server getting overcrowded, and Netflix won’t be able to detect many accounts using the same IP address. 

Now, let’s talk about how you can trick Netflix by purchasing its subscription with lower charges.

  1. Find out what the Netflix subscription price is in your country. For example, its subscription costs the US residents $18 per month.
  2. Using ExtremeVPN, connect to a country with a cheaper subscription cost. In this regard, Argentina is what you choose. 
  3. For the payment process, you have two options: either use an Argentinian credit or debit card or purchase it through Netflix gift codes. So arrange for those and have it ready. 
  4. Set up a new Netflix account from Argentina and pay for it with Netflix’s gift code. In this way, you’ll save about $17 every month!

Are you an avid YouTube Premium user? The same process applies! 

3. Get Discounts on Your Flight Tickets with a VPN

Your Flight Tickets with a VPN

So, are you planning to go on vacation and would like to save a few bucks on your flight? A VPN can help you in this regard as well. Unlike subscription prices, flight tickets are volatile commodities. Their prices are usually dependent upon the demand and supply concept. 

As mentioned above, this is different from Netflix. Not a single country can promise cheap flight tickets at all times. So, to benefit in this regard, patience is a necessity. Connect to various countries one by one using your VPN, and compare the current prices from your country to the destination one. Usually, countries with lower GDPs usually sell tickets for lesser charges, but the British market occasionally presents the cheapest ticket options. In other words, even though this can be time-consuming, you’ll eventually find the cheapest available ticket and save money.

Follow this step-by-step guideline:

  1. Visit Skyscanner and find the ticket prices against your local currency by entering all the required details, i.e., departure, destination, date, etc. 
  2. Close your browser, delete the site’s cookies, and turn on ExtremeVPN.
  3. Return to the Skyscanner webpage, enter the exact details, and conduct the research.
  4. Until you find the best price for your flight, repeat the process. 

4. Book Your Hotels for Reasonable Prices with a VPN

Book Your Hotels for Reasonable Prices with a VPN

After securing your flight tickets, your next step would be to book a place for accommodation, like a hotel on Airbnb. Needless to say, a VPN allows you to save a lot of cash while booking your shelter before your departure.

Like how you searched for flight tickets, you need to do the same to secure the best and cheapest hotel. 

Do the following steps to find a room through Airbnb at reasonable prices with a VPN:

  1. Visit airbnb.com, put in your traveling details to find a hotel, and note down its details. 
  2. Now, shut your browser or delete the site’s cookies, and enable your VPN to change your IP address.
  3. Now go back to booking.com, repeat the same process, and note down the prices for the same accommodation you liked before. 
  4. Keep changing the VPN server country-wise until you find the best possible prices for your desired hotel or Airbnb.

5. Save Money While Renting a Car

How to Save Money on Subscriptions with a VPN

Now your flight tickets and accommodation are fixed, what about your rented vehicle? To book a car ahead of reaching your desired city or country, a VPN can help you save significant money and tension. 

For instance, if you are traveling from Utah to Atlanta and you are renting a Tesla Model 3 without using any VPN. The prices would be much higher than compared to what you can get by using a VPN.

ExtremeVPN can greatly help you secure a lavish vehicle at a decent price ahead of time, even before you reach your destination. Now, buy a fancy dinner or cool show with your family utilizing the saved amount. 

6. Save Money While Buying Video Games with a VPN


If you aren’t a gamer, you wouldn’t understand the pain and sacrifices a gaming enthusiast feels while purchasing their favorite games every time their latest version arrives. Well, to gamers’ relief, VPN can also greatly help them purchase online games and save a significant chunk of money. 

Steam, a renowned gaming platform that facilitates gamers to purchase games they play through its Steam Store. For instance, Deathloop, one of the popular games, is available for purchase in the Argentinian Steam Store at $22. On the contrary, the US version of the same game is available at $60.

Follow the steps below to buy games from the Steam Store using ExtremeVPN and save cash:

  • Visit the Steam Store, find the game you want to purchase, and write down its price.
  • Close Steam, delete all its cookies on your browser or close the browser itself.
  • Enable your ExtremeVPN connection and select an Argentini-based server, as its Steam prices are the best comparable to other countries’ Steam Store, much like Netflix.
  • Reopen your Steam, check the price again for the same game you desire, and compare the price with the earlier ones.

7. Save Your Money on Other Subscription Services with A VPN


We went around other subscription services and found out you can save a lot of chunks on other subscription service providers as well while using a VPN (specifically ExtremeVPN). Below is the list of services that let you save money by employing the same tricks while subscribing. The prices below are offered in India compared with those in the US regarding monthly fees.

  • Apple Music costs $8.65 less than that in the US. 
  • People can buy YouTube Premium for $10.11 in India, less than its subscription price in the US.
  • Buying a Spotify subscription from India will let you save $8.38. 
  • Purchasing a complete Microsoft Office 365 will cost half in India compared to its US price.

How Do Websites Offer Prices Based on Your Location?

Get Cheaper Prices During Online Shopping

To understand how VPN helps you save money, you must learn its basic functionality. It all begins with an IP address. When you come online, you get a specific IP address from your ISP, at least for that whole session. 

This IP address is what lets websites determine your physical location, becoming your online identity. Another way that gives up your location to websites is through your browser’s cookies. Cookies are the record of all your activities during an online session. So, you must delete your cookies from your browser’s settings before turning your VPN on online shopping. 

Your smartphone’s GPS also lets websites determine your location. So, turn it off before you enable your VPN. 

In a nutshell, your IP address, GPS signals, browser cookies, and public Wi-Fi networks are the main sources for websites to identify your location, which lets them fix their prices accordingly. To benefit from online shopping, turn all these off or delete them before you connect to a VPN server.  

Why ExtremeVPN is Best to Secure Cheaper Subscriptions?


To find the best VPN service provider for significant savings while purchasing subscriptions, you must know your requirements and the essentials a VPN must provide. Remember, besides helping you save bucks shopping online, a VPN enables you to secure your online presence and your devices from prying eyes, including ISPs, govt watchdogs, or cybercriminals. 

A VPN service provider must have state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to achieve these objectives. The best VPN is one that values your privacy as you do just like ExtremeVPN. So, it should not record your online activities or logging details at all. This way, even if government authorities use legal resources, they won’t be forced to give up your online preferences. Moreover, a top-notch VPN service must provide consumers with large worldwide server coverage. It is crucial as fewer servers may be subject to overcrowding regularly, resulting in unnecessarily limited speeds on such servers. 


Based on the few mentioned requirements that a premium VPN server must come up with, among several other essential features, we’d recommend you try ExtremeVPN. ExtremeVPN is a reliable, fast, private, and secure VPN service that includes all of the features mentioned above and various others. With 6500+ server coverage across the globe, ExtremeVPN lets you secure IP addresses from 78 countries. It doesn’t record your internet logs, so don’t worry about your online sessions getting into the third parties’ hands. It employs military-grade encryption protocols to protect all your device data and online presence. As this article is about saving your hard-earned cash on subscriptions, ExtremeVPN also occasionally offers discounts on its subscription plans. Don’t just take our word on it. Test its exceptional geo-spoofing and security features for free for 30 days. 

Are VPNs Secure?


It’s a fact that you are never 100% secure in the digital sphere. Still, using a VPN for digital security is better than not using it. 

Robust VPN services, like ExtremeVPN, strive to provide the best digital experience. So you must not think of saving money on securing a premium VPN service than the free VPNs or proxies. Free VPNs record your online logs to earn their revenue. That’s one of their major windows to stay afloat, and they don’t even hide it from you, as they state it openly. 

To benefit completely from what you pay, it’s wise to subscribe to a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN, which earns by providing its services rather than making you the product on sale. 

Advantages of VPNs


In today’s day and age, VPNs have become a necessary tool in your armory. It lets users stay protected digitally. In our view, if internet geeks get to know all the essentials and benefits a VPN provides, they’ll rush to subscribe to one right away. 

VPN usage is legal in most countries and provides a safer, private, and anonymous environment. Let’s combine all of the essential advantages a VPN offers below: 

  • VPN enables users to geo-spoof their location. This way, they can hide your real location and leverage it to access restricted content to your regions, like on Netflix.
  • Whatever you do online becomes your business only. It ensures that nobody gets to know about what you do online, as a VPN encrypts your traffic to protect your personal space. 
  • It provides an interruption-free streaming experience, as even your ISP doesn’t know what you watch online and can’t bandwidth-throttle your account. 
  • IP-spoofing plus encryption means that no traceable footsteps of your digital presence are left behind you. As a result, making websites clueless about your true identity, helps you to trick them into charging less than what others near you pay. 


A VPN service brings a lot of benefits to those who purchase online. But you might wonder why you should pay for it to get discounts on other products. But if you are an affluent internet geek, you can definitely compensate for it in no time. Purchasing the Netflix subscription alone will compensate you against the VPN subscription each month. Besides saving significant bucks every time you buy online, a VPN helps you tackle the primary challenge online — data safety.


How to save money shopping online using a VPN? Up
Yes, you certainly can! Plenty of internet users worldwide claim they save a good amount while indulging in online shopping with VPN help. There are multiple things that you can buy online using a VPN, like subscriptions for popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon, hotel bookings, flight tickets, and games, to name a few services among monthly packages.
Are VPNs worth your investment? Up
The average price of a decent VPN is around $12 monthly, so they are not impacting your piggy bank significantly. A privacy enthusiast can subscribe to ExtremeVPN for $3.29 per month, which is equal to the price of peanuts, literally, but gets its exceptional features and services in return.
Is Netflix less expensive in other countries? Up
Not if you reside in Argentina. Netflix’s cost varies depending on the country it streams. It comes cheaper in certain countries than in others. Based on our research across multiple platforms, Argentina is where you can get the most reasonable price for a Netflix subscription.

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