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How to Unlock Steam Games Early Using a VPN

Last updated: April 30, 2024 12 min read
How To Unlock Steam Games Early Using a VPN

As a game enthusiast, you must have been affected by Steam’s staggering game date releases. You’ve been anticipating a new game, but you must wait 10 to 12 hours after its official release date to get it in your region. Now, what to do? Well, a VPN is your go-to solution. This article discusses steps to use a VPN to play a Steam game early without getting a permanent account ban.

If you’ve been playing games on Steam for quite a while, there’s no denying that the platform is highly entertaining and addictive. Considering it’s one of the largest gaming platforms worldwide, it’s home to several popular indie titles and avid gamers.


Unfortunately, every game has different release times for various time zones. So, if a new game isn’t available in your country, you’ll have to wait till it’s available there. We understand how frustrating this can be, especially when you’ve been anticipating a game.

Well, good news! You don’t need to wait months for a new game release to reach your region. There’s an easy way to unlock Steam games early and access a comprehensive library of games for download and purchase. All you need is a reliable gaming VPN like ExtremeVPN.

Keep reading to discover steps to using a VPN to change to a different region and enjoy Steam games before their release date in your location. We shall also discuss when Steam games are released and the best VPNs to connect to the gaming platform.

How to Use a VPN to Unlock Steam Games – Quick Guide


In a hurry? Here are simple steps to unlock Steam games early with a VPN:

  1. Purchase your preferred Steam game.
  2. Once the game is released, Preload it.
  3. Then, force the Steam app to close completely.
  4. Go to our pricing page and download the application.
  5. Open the app. Join a server in a location where the game title is already available. We recommend you connect to a New Zealand or Australian server, as these countries usually get new releases early.
  6. Load the Steam app again.
  7. Download the game updates.
  8. Click the “Play” button to enjoy your game!

Why is a VPN Necessary to Play Steam Games Early?


If you don’t have the patience to wait for a new game release on Steam, you need a VPN. It lets you get first dibs on fantastic video games on the platform before it reaches your country. The following are reasons a VPN is essential for unlocking Steam games:

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Although Steam is a popular gaming service offering licensed games, some copyright policies restrict it from making certain games available in particular regions.

That means the video games in its local French store differ from those in the European one. A VPN lets you access a vast library of games from several countries without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Enjoy Cheaper Game Purchases

It’s no news that Steam adjusts game prices based on the user’s geographical location or IP address. In such cases, a VPN can help you save money. When you use a VPN to appear as if you’re in a different country, you can play games with lower prices or enjoy different discounts in that region.

For example, American gamers pay about $60 for Assassin’s Creed Origins on Steam, while Chinese users spend $48. Hence, using a premium VPN like ExtremeVPN saves about $15 on multiple game purchases potentially.

Get Secured Against DDoS Attacks

A VPN is essential for protecting you from DDoS attacks. Many gamers are notorious for using this tactic to slow down other players’ internet connection and gain the upper hand in a quest. When you hide your IP address using ExtremeVPN, it becomes challenging for any player to wage an attack on your connection.

Unlock Preloaded Games Early

Steam typically releases games using different time zones, often making them available at midnight. So, if you want to unlock a game a few days earlier, you’ll need a VPN. With ExtremeVPN, you can join a server in the region where the game will be released earlier.

However, note that there are factors to consider when switching countries on Steam.

Factors to Consider When Switching Steam Store Regions


A VPN lets you unlock Steam from anywhere. But remember that it’s against the gaming platform’s Terms of Service to change your location often. If Steam notices any shady activity, it can ban your account.

Below are other things you should keep in mind when trying to unlock games early:

  • Ensure you constantly update your billing information, such as address and credit card, to match the new region you’re accessing games from. We advise using a hotel’s or lodge’s address in that country.
  • According to Steam’s Terms of Service, users can only change their location once in three months. The idea is to prevent cheating in multiplayer games and stop users from finding better deals in other countries.
  • Always use a VPN with multiple servers in your desired country. You can also consider whether the VPN has superfast speeds, top-notch security functionalities, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • A Russian credit card is necessary to access Steam’s local store in Russia from anywhere. That’s because many game titles and items in Russia are 80 to 90 percent cheaper compared to other countries. Therefore, using another country’s credit card to top up your Russian Steam wallet can make the platform permanently suspend your account for illegal activity.

How to Select the Best VPN for Steam


Choosing the best VPN that works for Steam can be time-consuming. It requires that you identify regions where the platform releases games early and run tests on numerous VPN providers to know if they provide several servers in that country.

In cases you don’t know the features to look out for, you may settle for any VPN that’s eye-catching. Luckily, we’ve identified elements to consider when selecting the best VPN for Steam.

  • Number of servers: It’s essential you opt for a VPN with multiple servers in countries where the games are released early—for example, Australia and New Zealand. ExtremeVPN offers 6500+ servers in over 78 countries worldwide.
  • Speed: VPNs with superfast speeds enhance your online gaming experience. You should choose a fast VPN like ExtremeVPN that helps reduce lag, improves response times, and maintains a consistent internet connection.
  • Security features: Prioritize VPNs with AES-256 military-grade encryption, cutting-edge tunneling protocol, and no-logs. This will protect your online information and ensure safe and smooth gameplay. ExtremeVPN takes your security seriously and offers robust encryption to remain secure every time.
  • Device compatibility: Downloading games on Steam may take a while. As a result, you should choose VPNs that allow multiple simultaneous connections. This way, you can enjoy a single VPN subscription with your family and friends. With a single ExtremeVPN account, you can get 10 simultaneous connections.
  • User-friendly interface: A robust VPN service like ExtremeVPN offers intuitive apps that support major operating systems like iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.
  • Customer support: A reliable customer support team is a must. ExtremeVPN has a dedicated customer service, offering features like 24/7 call lines, online chat, and email.

When Does Steam Release New Games?

Compatibility with Gaming Devices

Although Steam has no specific schedule for releasing new games, most game publishers prefer to make a title available to the public at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time. In other instances, the games are released at midnight, with New Zealand and Australia first in line.

Hence, if your resident country is Canada, the USA, or Europe (Germany, UK, Spain, Austria, Finland, etc), it may take up to 12 hours after the game’s official release for you to get it.

Once you land on the gaming platform, you’ll see it has different dates and times for its upcoming releases. Due to this, gamers in regions with later release times have no choice but to use a VPN to access games sooner.

How Many Active Steam Users are there in February 2024?

Pick the Time and Place to Watch the Games

Since Steam’s inception in 2003, the platform has amassed over 120 million active users. This online gaming platform has a library featuring about 100,000 titles across various categories.

Undoubtedly, this has made Steam the ultimate destination for gamers worldwide to discuss, create, and play games. As at the time of writing this piece, Steam has the following figures:

  • Current active users: 26,324,909
  • Top Steam players: 7,679,501 

Best Servers to Unlock Steam Games at Midnight

Unblocked Games 76 Enjoy Gaming from Anywhere You Want

As a gaming service owned by Valve Corporation, Steam is available globally. However, that doesn’t mean you can connect to any server to play a game early. It’s important you join servers that’ll let you get first dibs on every upcoming release.

The best way to unlock Steam games at midnight is by connecting to a New Zealand or Australian server. These regions are usually ahead of others by 10, 14, or 20 hours. And since game publishers release titles in their local time zones, New Zealand and Australian players often have a headstart on playing new releases compared to players in other parts of the world.

Therefore, it’s crucial you use a VPN to level the playing ground while accessing upcoming Steam releases. Once you subscribe to ExtremeVPN and connect to a New Zealand and Australian server, you can download new games early!

How Can I Save on Steam Games Using ExtremeVPN?


ExtremeVPN is an excellent choice for saving coins on Steam. Changing your IP address is the trick to enjoying every title on the gaming platform at little to no cost. ExtremeVPN’s comprehensive server network assigns you a unique IP address, which allows you to bypass geo-restrictions in any location.

Let’s say you want to enjoy the discounts from Russia’s Steam local store. Connect to any of ExtremeVPN’s superfast servers in Russia to get a new IP address. This way, you will appear on Steam as if you’re actually in Russia and purchasing cheap games.


ExtremeVPN hides your IP address from Steam, your ISP, and the government. So, rest assured no third party can identify your exact location. What’s more? Your online activities will remain for your eyes only. That means you can download as many games as you like without restrictions.

Get ExtremeVPN to save money on Steam and play games to your heart’s content!


There’s no harm in wanting to get a head start on playing new game releases early. Rather than wait at the edge of your seat for days to access a game, you can use a VPN to unlock them. Hopefully, Steam will fix its staggering game release dates to let gamers worldwide enjoy a competitive balance.

But still, a VPN is your best solution. With ExtremeVPN, you’ll find it easier to change your virtual location to purchase games at lower prices, protect yourself from DDoS attacks, and secure your data against hackers. It also has multiple servers in New Zealand and Australia.

Now, you can unlock preloaded games when they’re released and say goodbye to game spoilers.


What’s the time frame for an account ban on Steam? Up
Unlike other gaming platforms that ban users’ accounts for two weeks or a month, Steam gives a permanent ban. That means you’ll need to open a new account to download games. Hence, to avoid Steam’s ban, use a premium VPN service like ExtremeVPN.
Who can use Steam? Up
Steam is suitable for individuals aged 13 and above. For younger teens, the platforms advocate for parental controls so parents can monitor what their children watch and play online.
Can I use a free VPN for Steam? Up
Yes, you can. However, we don’t advise you to do so, as free VPNs have several security risks. Many of them collect and sell users’ personal information to third parties. They also lack the functionalities to bypass restrictions and ensure smooth gameplay. Not only that, it’s unlikely you’ll find a free VPN with servers in New Zealand and Australia. So, you’re better off without them.
Can Steam detect VPN usage? Up
Of course. When you connect to a VPN, your online activities are hidden, but the presence of your VPN remains apparent to Steam. For this reason, ExtremeVPN uses obfuscated server technology that removes traces of VPN traffic, making your internet connection appear normal.
How can I bypass geo-restrictions? Up
With over 6,500 servers spread across 78+ locations, ExtremeVPN lets you get around geo-restrictions to access games in multiple countries.
Which Steam local store is the cheapest? Up
Players in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and Turkey usually have access to the cheapest games on Steam. You can use ExtremeVPN to change your virtual location to these countries and play games without breaking the bank.
Can I play Steam games for free? Up
A surefire way to play paid games for free on Steam is through free Steam codes. Simply use reward apps like JustPlay and survey websites like Swagbucks to redeem codes for cash via your Steam account.
What are the most played games on Steam? Up
Below are the most popular games among Steam players: – Counter-Strike – Terraria – Cyberpunk 2077 – Dota 2 – Valheim – Monster Hunter – Life is Strange 2 – Fallout 4 – POSTAL – Among Us – Grand Theft Auto V – World of Warships – Kathy Rain – HITMAN 2.
Can I change my Steam region without a VPN? Up
You don’t need a VPN if you’re physically in the country where you wish to switch your region. Once you launch Steam, your local store and payment methods will change based on your IP address. So, you only need to confirm the country change using a payment method and billing address linked to that location.
What’s the best VPN to change the Steam store regions? Up
ExtremeVPN is the best Steam VPN. With world-class features like wide server coverage, 256-bit encryption, IP/DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch, you can even use Steam in heavily censored countries. New game releases await you once you connect to any of our New Zealand or Australia servers.

Knowledge is Power, ExtremeVPN is Freedom

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