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Top 85 Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies (1969 – 2024)

Last updated: May 12, 2024 1 min read
Top 85 Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies

Explore the thrilling realm of cybersecurity and hacking with our chosen collection of the most significant 85 hacker and cybersecurity movies from 1969 to 2024. Get ready for a heart-pounding cinematic adventure through the digital universe, with everything from vintage thrillers to future tech tales.

Are you adept at picking out the top hacker films? Surprisingly, watching these films can give you essential insights into the world of hackers and cybercriminals. Hollywood’s portrayal can be more thrilling than reality, but you might be surprised by the similarities between these films and hacking incidents.


Although the characters in these films can come out as stereotypical, they are based on actual cyber criminals. Many movie plots are based on real-life events or imagined future events. The majority of the films on this list deal with hacking. Some, nonetheless, are included due to illustrious individuals or visually arresting sequences that deal with the subject.

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Quick Overview of Top 10 Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies

10 Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies
  1. The Matrix: A hacker finds the reality behind a simulated world in a dismal future and joins a rebellion to free humanity.
  2. V for Vendetta: A masked vigilante named V tries to topple the repressive government and incite a revolution in a totalitarian world.
  3. Catch Me If You Can: Based on an actual event, a young con artist deceives and eludes the FBI while posing as several people and committing fraud.
  4. The Imitation Game: This film depicts Alan Turing’s life as he leads a team of codebreakers to crack the German Enigma code during WWII.
  5. The Internet’s Own Boy: A documentary on the life and activities of Aaron Swartz, a bright programmer and campaigner for Internet freedom.
  6. Citizenfour: A documentary that follows Edward Snowden as he releases classified information concerning spy agencies’ global surveillance programs.
  7. Ghost in The Shell: In a cyberpunk future, a counter-cyberterrorism unit hunts for a powerful hacker and investigates the line between humans and artificial intelligence.
  8. The Social Network: The rise of Facebook is shown, focusing on its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and the legal fights that accompanied the company’s phenomenal growth.
  9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: A journalist and a hacker explore a decades-old disappearance, unearthing alarming secrets amid a dark and chilling mystery.
  10. Skyfall: As a cyberterrorist threatens to reveal the identities of undercover agents, James Bond returns to confront his past and protect MI6.

85 Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies – Detailed List

1. The Matrix

The Matrix
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 16m8.7Lana Wachowski, Lilly WachowskiLana Wachowski, Lilly WachowskiLaurence Fishburne, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss1999

The Matrix, a science fiction action movie, was the first entry in the film series and debuted in 1999. The story centers on Neo, a hacker who learns that humanity is imprisoned in a virtual world made by cutting-edge computers. These machines are designed to burn the bodies of people as fuel. Neo joins a group of enigmatic freedom warriors and continues the fight against the robots to fend off these machines.

2. V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 12m8.2James McTeigueLana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, David LloydNatalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Rupert Graves2005

The focus of the movie, which is set in a dystopian future in which a fascist totalitarian rule has enslaved the UK, is on V, a masked freedom fighter and anarchist who aims to spark a revolution through sophisticated terrorist activities, and on Evey Hammond, a young lady who becomes involved in V’s quest. In his role as a detective, Stephen Rea leads an ardent effort to put an end to V.

3. Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 21m8.1Steven SpielbergFrank Abagnale Jr., Jeff Nathanson, Stan ReddingTom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken2002

American biographical crime comedy-drama Catch Me If You Can was published in 2002. The story of Frank Abagnale Jr., who pretended to be a doctor, Pan Am pilot, and public attorney and successfully cashed cheques totaling millions of dollars before the age of 19, is the inspiration for the film. The FBI agent’s goal is to apprehend Frank and imprison him. Frank, however, not only avoids capture but also relishes the suspense of the hunt.

4. The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 54m8.0Morten TyldumAndrew Hodges, Graham MooreKeira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Goode2014

Based on the life of famed cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the gripping biographical film “The Imitation Game” was released in 2014. In a battle against time at Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School in Bletchley Park during the darkest days of World War II, the movie shows Turing and his group of brilliant codebreakers.

5. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

5. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 45m8.0Brian KnappenbergerBrian KnappenbergerTim Berners-Lee, Aaron Swartz, Cindy Cohn2014

This film tells the life narrative of an American computer programmer, novelist, activist, and political organizer Aaron Swartz. There was footage of Swartz when he was younger at the movie’s beginning and end. Swartz’s mother, brothers, and girlfriends, as well as other people who were involved in his life, narrate the film.

6. Citizenfour

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 54m8.0Laura PoitrasEdward SnowdenGlenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, William Binney2014

Laura Poitras began receiving encrypted emails in January 2013 from an individual going by the alias “CITIZENFOUR.” The information came from a source claiming proof of unauthorized espionage operations by the NSA and other foreign intelligence organizations. Laura went to Hong Kong after five months to see the source of the emails, who she eventually discovered to be Edward Snowden. They interacted often with reporters Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill. This historical occasion was recorded by Laura using her camera.

7. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 23m7.9Mamoru OshiiKazunori Itô, Shirow MasamuneIemasa Kayumi, Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Ôtsuka1995

It centers on Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg public security officer trying to apprehend the enigmatic hacker, the Puppet Master. The narrative goes into philosophical issues related to self-identity in a high-tech age. Kenji Kawai wrote the soundtrack for the film, which features traditional Japanese voices. The movie’s aesthetics combine traditional cel animation methods and CGI animation.

8. The Social Network

The Social Network
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 0m7.8David FincherBen Mezrich, Aaron Sorkin,Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg,Justin Timberlake2010

On a fantastic autumn night in 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, a bright computer programming prodigy and Harvard freshman, sat down at his computer and started working on an original idea. What began as a dorm room project quickly became a global social network and a revolution in communication, propelled by blogging and programming. Zuckerberg became the youngest millionaire in history in less than six years, with 500 million pals. But despite his commercial success, he ran into legal and emotional issues.

9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 38m7.8David FincherStieg Larsson, Steven ZaillianRooney Mara, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer2011

A wealthy businessman commissions Mikael Blomkvist, a shady journalist, to write a biography of his family. But his primary responsibility to Blomkvist is to look into the disappearance of his niece forty years ago. Blomkvist is initially uninterested until the businessman offers to restore his reputation. Blomkvist interviews relatives during the disappearance as part of his investigation, but some are unwilling to cooperate. Blomkvist seeks the assistance of a research assistant as the investigation progresses because he believes the niece may have been connected to a series of murders that occurred 20 years earlier.

10. Skyfall

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 23m7.8Sam MendesRobert Wade, Neal Purvis, John LoganJavier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Daniel Craig2012

James Bond’s most recent mission goes wrong, revealing the identities of spies worldwide and sparking an attack on MI6. M relocates the business in response. However, in light of these circumstances and her position, Gareth Mallory, the new Intelligence and Security Committee chairman, questions M’s authority. Bond remains M’s lone ally because MI6 has been internally and externally compromised. To learn more about the hazardous plans of an unidentified opponent, he goes undercover with the aid of field agent Miss Eve Moneypenny.

11. The Conversation

The Conversation
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 53m7.8Francis Ford CoppolaFrancis Ford CoppolaJohn Cazale, Gene Hackman, Allen Garfield1974

Devout Catholic Harry Caul plays the saxophone while listening to jazz albums and has a fondness for jazz music. He is a talented musician who owns a tiny, electronic surveillance-focused surveillance business in San Francisco. Since Harry creates and constructs all of his surveillance equipment, he is recognized as the greatest in his industry. Harry is a solitary and secluded guy despite his personal and professional business success. Stan, his business partner, is frequently irritated by this and feels alienated from the company. Harry keeps his house secure to control his environment and only uses pay phones to communicate with clients.

12. Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 22m7.8Russell Michaels, Simon ArdizzoneRobert Carrillo CohenBev Harris, James Naughton, Deanie Lowe2006

The claims of election fraud during the 2004 U.S. presidential election are explored in this documentary. A collection of citizens and watchdog groups thoroughly analyzed the 2004 election in reaction to comparable charges made during the 2000 election. They concentrate on the flaws in the hardware and software of voting machines used in several states, including Florida, Ohio, and California. They show how simple it is to manipulate the results generated by the Diebold voting machines, which are in charge of tabulating votes, with the aid of a computer programmer.

13. Ex Machina

Ex Machina
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 48m7.7Alex GarlandAlex GarlandDomhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac2014

During a contest, Caleb, a 26-year-old programmer for the biggest internet company in the world, earned a week-long stay at Nathan’s secluded mountain retreat. But when he arrives, he learns he must participate in an unusual experiment. He has to interact with the first natural, artificial intelligence, which appears as a lovely female robot.

14. Zero Days

Zero Days
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 56m7.7Alex GibneyAlex GibneyEmad Kiyaei, David Sanger, Eric Chien2016

According to this documentary, the Stuxnet malware, developed by the US and Israel, was used to attack Iran’s civilian infrastructure and enrichment centrifuges. It examines the implications of this and the likelihood that Iran will take revenge on the US.

15. Minority Report

Minority Report
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 25m7.6Steven SpielbergJon Cohen, Scott Frank, Philip K. DickColin Farrell, Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton2002

A police department dubbed “Precrime” successfully eradicated crime in Washington, D.C., in 2054. The squad comprises three talented individuals known as “Pre-Cogs,” who can foresee criminal activities and look into the future. Director of Precrime John Anderton passionately believes in the reliability of the system. But although Anderton had no acquaintance with the victim, the Pre-Cogs foretell that he would murder someone within the next 36 hours. Anderton looks for the “minority report,” Agatha’s forecast that would clarify the circumstances and establish Anderton’s innocence, to clear his name.

16. The Secret History of Hacking

The Secret History of Hacking
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 50m7.6Ralph LeeJohn DraperKevin Mitnick, John Draper, Denny Teresi2001

The film features the thoughts and experiences of John Draper, Steve Wozniak, and Kevin Mitnick while highlighting their respective lifestyles. Joybubbles, Ron Rosenbaum, Paul Loser, Jim Warren, Jay Foster, Jonathan Littman, Denny Teresi, Mike Gorman, Steven Levy, Lee Felsenstein, John Markoff, Ken McGuire, and Michael Strickland are among the others who provide their opinions.

17. Hackers: Wizards of the Electronic Age

Hackers Wizards of the Electronic Age
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 26m7.6Fabrice FlorinFabrice FlorinBruce Baumgart, Bill Atkinson, Stewart Brand1985

The movie features a hacker conference where a group of programmers helped initiate the personal computer revolution. These include Steve Wozniak, Bill Atkinson, Doug Carlston, Andrew Fluegelman, Richard Greenblatt, David Hughes, Richard Stallman, and Robert Woodhead. They include Bill Budge, John Draper, Lee Felsenstein, Andy Hertzfeld, Susan Kare, Bob Wallace, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Atkinson. The editors of The Whole Earth Catalogue, Stewart Brand and Kevin Kelley, taped every interview during a weekend-long 1984 hacker conference in Sausalito, California. The event was motivated by Steven Levy’s book, “Hackers – Heroes of the Computer Revolution.”

18. Office Space

Office Space
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 29m7.6Mike JudgeMike JudgeJennifer Aniston, Ron Livingston, David Herman1999

Bill Lumbergh, the division vice president at Initech, has engaged two efficiency consultants to help the company reduce its size. Peter Gibbons despises his job and is an insecure employee. Lawrence, one of his neighbors, Michael Bolton, and Samir Nagheenanajar, two of his coworkers, all detest working at Initech. Anne, Peter’s girlfriend, who he believes is cheating on him, advises him to consult hypnotherapy, Dr. Swanson. During his therapy appointment, Peter shares his dissatisfaction with his life, and Dr. Swanson hypnotizes him to make him ecstatic. Dr. Swanson, however, passes away soon after giving Peter the hypnotic suggestion.

19. Who Am I

Who Am I
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 42m7.5Baran bo OdarJantje Friese, Baran bo OdarElyas M’Barek, Tom Schilling, Wotan Wilke Möhring2014

Benjamin and Max were both extremely passionate about hacking. They founded the hacker collective CLAY with Max’s friends, the impetuous Stephan and the paranoid Paul. With their funny advertising efforts, CLAY attracted attention and grew to embody an entire age. Benjamin felt a sense of belonging for the first time, and even Marie, a stunning woman, noticed him. Unfortunately, CLAY wound up on the most wanted lists of both the BKA and Europol, converting what was once just for fun into a potentially fatal predicament. Hanne Lindberg, a cybercrime detective, was looking for Benjamin, one of the most sought hackers in the world.

20. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 12m7.4Brad BirdJosh Appelbaum, Bruce Geller, André NemecJeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg2011

The terrorist, Hendricks, is a severe threat. He is allegedly preparing to attack the United States after gaining access to Russian nuclear launch codes. As time is of the essence, Ethan Hunt and his crew are trying to find him. When an explosion significantly damages the Kremlin during the team’s attempt to stop him there, it is disastrous, and the IMF is accused of being responsible. The President was forced to implement the Ghost Protocol due to the circumstance which caused the IMF to be disowned and refused support.

21. Freedom Downtime

Freedom Downtime
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingIMDb RatingWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 1m7.4Emmanuel GoldsteinKevin Mitnick, John MarkoffMark Abene,Ed Cummings, Robert Darlington2001

Today’s terrorists are portrayed as a new generation of computer hackers. The best example is the case of hacker Kevin Mitnick, who has been detained for nearly five years without being granted bail. The documentary Freedom Downtime aims to shed light on Mitnick’s behavior and the causes of the authorities’ genuine concerns about him. Interestingly, the authorities haven’t offered any complex data to support the sensationalist statements that have been making the rounds in the media.

22. Snowden

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 14m7.3Oliver StoneLuke Harding, Oliver Stone, Kieran FitzgeraldShailene Woodley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Melissa Leo2016

A contractor named Edward Snowden, who held a high-ranking position at the National Security Agency, left his job due to his disappointment with the intelligence establishment. He discovered that a vast amount of data was being collected to monitor all digital communication, not just that of terrorist organizations and foreign governments but also that of regular American citizens. Snowden decided to reveal this sensitive information, which resulted in him being labeled as both a hero and a traitor, and he is now a wanted man.

23. Enemy of The State

Enemy of The State
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 12m7.3Tony ScottDavid MarconiGene Hackman, Will Smith, Jon Voight1998

Donald Clayton Dean is a respectful attorney who works in Washington, D.C. His current goal is to capture infamous commander Paulie Pintero. Politician Thomas Brian Reynolds and Representative Phillip Hammersley are now negotiating a new satellite surveillance system. Reynolds orders the murder of Hammersley after he refuses, but the murder is recorded on tape, leading Reynolds’ squad of N.S.A. agents to go after the taper. Dean was likely the recipient of the video, which was probably intended to be removed. As a result, the N.S.A. decided to get involved in Dean’s life, which sent his life into a tailspin. He lost his wife and work and started to wonder what was happening.

24. Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 19m7.3Cullen HobackCullen Hoback, Ondi TimonerMoby, Max Schrems, Mark Zuckerberg2013

The documentary “Terms And Conditions May Apply” investigates the ostensibly “free” services’ hidden fees and the alarming deterioration of online privacy. This movie seeks to increase awareness of the dangers of blithely accepting lengthy and complex terms and conditions when using websites like Facebook or Google. Many users may believe they understand what they’re committing to when they click “I Agree” on these pages.

25. Revolution OS

Revolution OS
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 25m7.3J.T.S. MooreJ.T.S. MooreRichard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Eric Raymond2001

Despite being the largest software company in the world, Microsoft’s business model does not appeal to all computer users. Although Windows is a very well-liked operating system, some business insiders disagree. They have issues with Microsoft’s rigid software licensing, ownership, distribution, and modification guidelines. Richard Stallman and several well-known technologists started the Open Source Movement. In both the financial and philosophical senses of the word, this movement promotes the free sharing of software.

26. 23

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 39m7.2Hans-Christian SchmidMichael Gutmann, Hans-Christian Schmid, Michael DierkingFabian Busch, August Diehl, Dieter Landuris1998

This story is based on the experiences of a team of young German hackers from Hannover. In the late 1980s, an orphan named Karl Koch used his inheritance to pay for a house and a personal computer. He became interested in conspiracy theories after reading “Illuminatus” by R.A. Wilson, one of his favorite books. But he and his pal David quickly started breaking into computers belonging to the military and the government. Pepe, a shady-looking friend of Karl’s, recognized the financial possibilities of hacking and traveled to East Berlin to contact the KGB.

27. Code 2600

Code 2600
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 22m7.2Jeremy ZerechakJeremy ZerechakLorrie Cranor, Julia Concolino, Jennifer Granick2011

Today’s society is dealing with increased identity theft, cyberattacks, and privacy violations. This results from the extensive data collecting and social network usage, which have had substantial socio-technical effects. A thought-provoking and eye-opening documentary, CODE 2600, depicts the global technology conquest. It serves as a wake-up call for everyone in the room and is both educational and unsettling.

28. Code Rush

Code Rush
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 56m7.2David WintonDavid Winton, Jonathan HalperinStuart Parmenter, Scott Collins, Jamie Zawinski2000

The film Code Rush follows a team of programmers at a pivotal point in 1998 when it appeared Microsoft had a firm hold on internet users’ desktops. Despite losing hope, the crew is still dedicated to creating a distinctive product.

29. Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 35m7.2Martyn BurkeMichael Swaine, Paul Freiberger, Martyn BurkeNoah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall, Joey Slotnick1999

The founders of Microsoft Inc. and Apple Computer Corporation are the subject of this semi-comedic biographical movie. It details their undergraduate years, how they started their enterprises, and the innovative steps they took to create their vast corporate empires.

30. The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 32m7.2Lilly Wachowski, Lana WachowskiLana Wachowski, Lilly WachowskiLaurence Fishburne, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss2003

The Machine Army will attack Zion in just 72 hours, according to Neo and the rebel commanders in the second adventure. The final place where humans may hide on Earth is being rapidly approached by the 250,000 Sentinels, designed to exterminate humanity. As he mulls over his options, Neo is plagued by unsettling visions. Morpheus’ conviction that Neo is the Prophesied One who would end the War with the Machines inspires the people of Zion to put their confidence and trust in him.

31. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 33m7.2Brian KnappenbergerBrian KnappenbergerAnonyops, Anon2World, Julian Assange2012

We are given a thorough look at Anonymous’s complex culture and history in WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists. The movie examines the background of early hacktivist groups, including Electronic Disturbance Theatre and the Cult of the Dead Cow. The documentary follows the development of Anonymous from jovial pranksters to a potent global movement with new tools of civil disobedience for the online world, starting with the group’s beginnings on the website 4Chan. We learn about Anonymous’ incredible journey through interviews with current members, writers, scholars, and critical figures in several “raids,” some of whose members have recently been released from prison and others still awaiting trial.

32. Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 8m7.1Len WisemanRoderick Thorp, John Carlin, Mark BombackJustin Long, Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant2007

After a security breach at the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division, the director is determined to track down potential hackers. The Director discovers that because of the Fourth of July holiday, most of their operatives are missing, making it challenging to find the hackers. The Director authorizes contacting the neighborhood police department to request help as a remedy. John McClane, charged with bringing a hacker named Farrell to the FBI, is one of the cops approached for assistance. McClane and his men are met by gunshots when they arrive. Even when McClane successfully rescues them from harm, their attackers follow them.

33. Sneakers

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 06m7.1Phil Alden RobinsonLawrence Lasker, Phil Alden Robinson, Walter F. ParkesDan Aykroyd, Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier1992

Martin Bishop is the leader of a group of security system specialists who are pushed to steal a highly secretive black box by fictitious government officials and end up playing a dangerous game. They quickly learn, though, that their employers are not, in fact, government agents. When they finally get the box, they discover it has the incredible capacity to crack any encryption technique now in use worldwide.

34. War Games

War Games
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 54m7.1John BadhamWalter F. Parkes, Lawrence Lasker, Walon GreenAlly Sheedy, Matthew Broderick, John Wood1983

Unintentionally connecting to a top-secret supercomputer with complete control over the US nuclear arsenal is a young computer whiz kid. The third world war is about to break out after the supercomputer challenges him to a match between the US and Russia.

35. Colossus: The Forbin Project

Colossus The Forbin Project
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 40m7.1Joseph SargentD.F. Jones, James BridgesSusan Clark, Eric Braeden, Gordon Pinsent1970

All American nuclear defense systems are taken under control by the incredibly sophisticated computer Forbin developed. It quickly learns about Guardian, the Soviet counterpart that US Planners did not know. After safeguards are implemented to protect sensitive data, both computers must be connected and accept the connection. A brand-new supercomputer that may potentially launch nuclear bombs has surfaced and poses an imminent threat to the entire globe.

36. The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 40m7.0Josef RusnakRavel Centeno-Rodriguez, Josef Rusnak, Daniel F. GalouyeGretchen Mol, Craig Bierko, Armin Mueller-Stahl1999

Computer scientist Hannon Fuller has made a significant discovery. He wants to inform his coworker Douglas Hall about it, but because he’s being sought after, he’s left a note in the virtual world his workplace’s computer has constructed for him. Fuller is killed the following evening in our universe, and his employee is imprisoned. Although Douglas finds a bloody shirt in his toilet, he cannot recall what he did when Fuller was killed.

37. Breach

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 50m7.0Billy RayWilliam L. Rotko, Adam Mazer, Billy RayRyan Phillippe, Chris Cooper, Dennis Haysbert2007

Robert Hanssen, a 25-year veteran FBI agent, was apprehended for espionage in February 2001. Eric O’Neill, a computer whiz who wanted to be an agent, had been given the job of being Hanssen’s clerk and recording all of his activities two months before. O’Neill knew Hanssen’s sexual conduct was the subject of ongoing investigations. After a few weeks, O’Neill became close to and respected the cynical but fervent Catholic Hanssen. O’Neill’s personal and professional relationships, including his marriage, began to suffer due to Hanssen’s oppressive behavior. The central themes of the movie are how Hanssen was apprehended and the motivations behind his espionage.

38. The Great Hack

The Great Hack
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 54m7.0Jehane Noujaim, Karim AmerPedro Kos, Erin Barnett, Karim AmerBrittany Kaiser, David Carroll, Paul-Olivier Dehaye2019

The film focuses on Carole Cadwalladr, a British investigative journalist, Professor David Carroll of Parsons and The New School, and Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica business development director. We learn about Cambridge Analytica’s influence in international politics through their accounts, especially its participation in the 2016 US elections and the UK’s Brexit campaign.

39. The Italian Job

The Italian Job
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 51m7.0F. Gary GrayDonna Powers, Troy Kennedy Martin, Wayne PowersMark Wahlberg, Donald Sutherland, Edward Norton1969

When Charlie is freed from prison, he has a task to finish. He learns that one of his friends attempted a dangerous mission in Italy under the Mafia’s watchful eye. After his friend’s attempts to take on the Mafia failed, Charlie stepped up to the plate. His strategy involves utilizing three Mini Coopers and many Jaguars to paralyze Turin, steal the gold, and then flee.

40. Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

Kim Dotcom, Caught in the Web
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 47m7.0Annie GoldsonAnnie GoldsonAlan Curtis, Kim Dotcom, France Komoroske2017

This documentary’s subjects are The owners of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, and his conflict with the US government and the entertainment sector over piracy, ownership, and privacy in the digital era. Dotcom, a software entrepreneur and proprietor of MegaUpload’s file-sharing website, relocated to New Zealand with his family in late 2010. In the quest for peace, he rented a sizable estate and started leading a luxury lifestyle.

41. Genius on Hold

Genius on Hold
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 31m7.0Gregory MarquetteGregory MarquetteNathanial Barone, Howard Abadinsky, Marco Ceritelli2012

It is the real-life account of Walter L. and Walter T. Shaw, a father and son team. They were an ordinary American family with reasonable hopes and aspirations. Their future appeared bright. Life, however, had other ideas for them. They encountered disappointment, and their hopes turned into traumatic nightmares.

42. Deep Web

Deep Web
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 30m6.9Alex WinterAlex WinterJames Chaparro, Ross Ulbricht, Nicolas Christin2015

This documentary examines the emergence of a new, uncontrolled, encrypted, and decentralized internet. It focuses on the legal ramifications of the FBI’s interference in the Silk Road, a covert website built on Tor.

43. In the Realm of the Hackers

In the Realm of the Hackers
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 55m6.9Kevin AndersonKevin AndersonSuzanne Barr, Ben Anderson, Kathy Bowlen2003

Two teenage Melbourne computer hackers took the ‘Zardoz’ list in the late 1980s. Electron and Phoenix had access to some of the world’s most private and secure computer systems. Before one of the hackers boasted about their accomplishment to the New York Times, nobody understood how the attack had occurred so quickly and comprehensively. How and why they did it is revealed in a dramatized documentary set ten years after incarceration. It introduces us to the online underworld’s intriguing, scary, and fascinating world.

44. We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 10m6.9Alex GibneyAlex GibneyAdrian Lamo, Julian Assange, John McMahon2013

The controversial website founded by Julian Assange, which resulted in the most prominent security breach in American history, is shown in the movie.

45. Cyberbully

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 02m6.8Ben ChananDavid Lobatto, Ben ChananElla Purnell, Maisie Williams, Wilson Haagens2015

A young British person is coerced into following instructions by a cybercriminal who threatens to release embarrassing photos of them if they don’t comply.

46. Anonymous

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 10m6.8Roland EmmerichJohn OrloffVanessa Redgrave, Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis2016

When his family experiences financial hardship, a teenager learning computer programming from scratch goes to a life of online crime and identity theft. He turns to criminal activities out of resentment for how banking institutions operate.

47. Tron

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 5m6.8Steven LisbergerBonnie MacBird, Steven Lisberger, Charles S. HaasBruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges, David Warner1982

In the story, a hacker is kidnapped and held captive in a virtual world where he is made to fight as a gladiator. The only way out is to cooperate with a courageous security program.

48. Reality

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 23m6.7Tina SatterJames Paul Dallas, Tina SatterJosh Hamilton, Sydney Sweeney, Marchánt Davis2023

For disclosing information to the media regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 American presidential election via email, a former American intelligence analyst received the harshest sentence.

49. Underground: The Julian Assange Story

Underground, The Julian Assange Story
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 34m6.7Robert ConnollyRobert Connolly, Suelette Dreyfus,Anthony LaPaglia, Rachel Griffiths, Alex Williams2012

One of the most influential individuals of the twenty-first century, Julian Assange, began his career as a computer hacker in Melbourne. Assange, also known as “Mendax,” and two friends established the “International Subversives” in 1989, long before he rose to renown for WikiLeaks and before the internet was widely used. They infiltrated some of the most potent and covert organizations in the world using simple home computers and posing as “white hat hackers” who merely looked and did not steal.

50. Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 23m6.6Paul GreengrassChristopher Rouse, Paul Greengrass, Robert LudlumTommy Lee Jones, Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander2016

The CIA is pursuing Jason Bourne once more. The situation begins when Nicky Parsons, a former CIA agent who aided Jason Bourne before he passed away, joins forces with a whistleblower determined to expose the CIA’s hidden activities. Nicky sneaks into the CIA and obtains all of the Black Ops’ data, which includes Treadstone, the program in which Bourne participated.

51. Eagle Eye

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 58m6.6D.J. CarusoTravis Wright, John Glenn, Hillary SeitzMichelle Monaghan, Shia LaBeouf, Rosario Dawson2008

When a weird call from an unknown woman reaches Jerry and Rachel, they are forced to talk to one another. She uses cutting-edge technology to monitor and control their every move as she continually exposes them to dangerous circumstances, putting not only their lives but also the lives of their loved ones in jeopardy.

52. Nerve

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 36m6.5Ariel Schulman, Henry JoostJeanne Ryan, Jessica SharzerDave Franco, Emma Roberts, Emily Meade2016

A senior in high school begins a game of truth or dare online. However, they quickly discover that an unidentified organization of “watchers” controls everything they do.

53. Hackers Wanted

Hackers Wanted
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 26m6.5Samuel VartekSamuel VartekCraig Calef, John Arquilla, John Draper2009

The film follows the exploits of renowned hacker Adrian Lamo. It uses them to illustrate the difficulties arising from creative thinking, including criminal and philosophical perspectives.

54. Swordfish

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 39m6.5Dominic SenaSkip WoodsJohn Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry2001

A covert group known as Black Cell, commanded by Gabriel Shear, plans to use a quantity of money now inaccessible to finance their war against international terrorism. Gabriel enlists the aid of imprisoned hacker Stanley Jobson to help him accomplish this.

55. The Hacker Wars

The Hacker Wars
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 31m6.4Vivien Lesnik WeismanVivien Lesnik Weisman, Meredith Raithel PerryAndrew Blake, Andrew Auernheimer, Barrett Brown2014

With The Hacker Wars, you can see the conflict over the future of the Internet, freedom, and privacy. This documentary thoroughly examines this crucial issue through the prism of headlines from the international press. Sit front and center and watch it all happen.

56. Risk

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 26m6.3Laura PoitrasLaura Poitras, Jonathan OppenheimSarah Harrison, Julian Assange,Jacob Appelbaum2016

This film explores the lives of its protagonists while spotlighting the tense election season with a lot on the line. Although Julian Assange has been imprisoned in a small building for five years, he doesn’t appear concerned about the legal risks to his movement and leadership. While telling the story, director Laura Poitras is entangled in Assange’s inner circle’s motives and uncertainties.

57. Transcendence

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 59m6.2Wally PfisterJack PaglenRebecca Hall, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman2014

An accomplished researcher in artificial intelligence, Dr. Will Caster, is developing a sentient machine that combines all human emotions with all human knowledge. However, because of his contentious research, extremists opposed to technology have turned on him and will stop at nothing to stop him.

58. Hackers

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 45m6.2Iain SoftleyRafael MoreuAngelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller, Jesse Bradford1995

Some young hackers discover proof of a multi-million dollar stealing plan. Sadly, their intrusion is found, and they are charged with creating a virus that might be able to wipe out an entire fleet of oil tankers. The group must cooperate to clear their reputations and demonstrate their innocence while under the Secret Service’s scrutiny.

59. Takedown

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 32m6.2Joe ChappelleJohn Markoff, Tsutomu Shimomura. David NewmanRussell Wong, Angela Featherstone, Skeet Ulrich2000

One of the best hackers in the world is thought to be Kevin Mitnick. He never stops looking for more significant challenges, learning something new daily, and achieving even more online achievements. He broke into the computer of a former hacker who was now a security specialist during one of his adventures and found not just one but many priceless valuables.

60. Untraceable

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 41m6.2Gregory HoblitRobert Fyvolent, Mark Brinker, Allison BurnettColin Hanks, Diane Lane, Joseph Cross2008

In pursuit of a serial murderer who broadcasts live videos of his victims online is FBI agent Jennifer Marsh. As time goes on, the pursuit grows more intimate.

61. The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 08m6.2Bill CondonDavid Leigh, Luke Harding, Daniel Domscheit-BergDaniel Brühl, Carice van Houten, Benedict Cumberbatch2013

Discover the exciting account based on actual events as it exposes the dishonesty and abuse of power at a once-promising Internet start-up that evolved into a contentious behemoth.

62. Antitrust

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 48m6.1Peter HowittHoward FranklinTim Robbins, Ryan Phillippe, Rachael Leigh Cook2001

When a computer programmer learns that his boss has a sneaky, brutal method of handling anti-trust issues, his ideal job at a famous Portland-based company becomes a nightmare.

63. Hacker

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 35m6.1Akan SatayevSanzhar Sultan, Atakhan, Akan SatayevLorraine Nicholson, Callan McAuliffe, Daniel Eric Gold2016

To support his poor family, Alex Danyluk turns to a life of crime and identity theft. Alex finds access to contacts on the dark web with the aid of Kira, a talented young female hacker, and Sye, a street-smart hustler who exposes him to the underground market. They were able to devastate the financial markets, which attracted Z’s notice. Z is the enigmatic leader of Anonymous, a group that the FBI is watching.

64. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The Girl in the Spider’s Web
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 55m6.1Fede AlvarezStieg Larsson, David Lagercrantz, Jay BasuBeau Gadsdon, Claire Foy, Sverrir Gudnason2018

A brilliant computer hacker named Lisbeth Salander and a journalist named Mikael Blomkvist become embroiled in a dangerous world of spies, cybercriminals, and dishonest government officials.

65. Anon

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 40m6.1Andrew NiccolAndrew NiccolAfiya Bennett, Clive Owen, Morgan Allen2018

Private memories are protected in the not-too-distant future, and crime has decreased. Sal Frieland, a disturbed detective, discovers a strange woman known only as “The Girl” while looking into a string of killings. She has no background or ID, and the police cannot identify her. Sal understands that this might not spell the end of crime but the beginning of a new one.

66. Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 15m6.1Saurabh VarmaSaurabh Varma, Kuldeep RuhilDean Alexandrou, Maniesh Paul, Elli Avrram2013

The Delhi Police enlisted the aid of a specialist who shared their viewpoint to assist with an investigation into a hacking incident. But as a result of their investigation, they identified Mickey Arora as the guilty party.

67. The Net

The Net
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 54m6.0Irwin WinklerMichael Ferris, John BrancatoJeremy Northam, Sandra Bullock, Dennis Miller1995

Computer expert Angela Bennett is surrounded by her computer and modem at all times. She only takes a break from this to phone her mother. Dale Hessman, a buddy with whom Angela had only ever spoken on the phone and via the internet, sent her a program with an unexpected defect. Unfortunately, the day Dale was set to meet Angela, he died in a plane crash. Angela learns some sensitive stuff on the DVD she received just before departing for her vacation.

68. The Signal

The Signal
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 37m6.0William EubankWilliam Eubank, Carlyle Eubank, David FrigerioOlivia Cooke, Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp2014

Nic and two buddies were traveling by car when a knowledgeable computer specialist lured them to a remote location. Suddenly, everything went dark, and Nic awoke in a horrific nightmare.

69. Unfriended: Dark Web

Unfriended, Dark Web
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 32m6.0Stephen SuscoStephen SuscoStephanie Nogueras, Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel2018

The story centers on a young person who buys a new laptop only to discover that it might have been stolen. When they learn that the previous owner might be watching them, they will do whatever it takes to get it back.

70. Frauds

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 30m5.9Stephan ElliottStephan ElliottRebel Penfold-Russell, Andrew McMahon, Mitchell McMahon1993

This is the story of Roland Copping, an insurance investigator. He interferes with and manipulates the lives of others using ridiculous games and strategies. The conflict that results from his activities with a couple over an expensive insurance claim quickly gets out of hand.

71. Hackers Are People Too

Hackers Are People Too
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 43m5.8Ashley SchwartauAshley ShwartauScott Davidson, Chris Darbro, Flea2008

This represents the hacker scene. This information is being shared to dispel common preconceptions supported by the media and preconceived assumptions. We intend to demonstrate that HACKERS ARE PEOPLE, TOO, by giving hackers a forum to speak for themselves and introduce their group to the general public.

72. Firewall

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 45m5.8Richard LoncraineJoe ForteVirginia Madsen, Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany2006

Security expert Jack Stanfield is compelled to rob a bank he is guarding to pay off his family’s ransom! Jack Stanfield must rescue his family and recover the money after they are abducted and taken to a remote location.

73. Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 43m5.6Robert LongoWilliam GibsonDolph Lundgren, Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer1995

The enormous Internet network covered the entire planet in 2021. Yet, NAS affects a large number of people. The mission for Johnny, who has a memory chip implanted in his brain, is to transport a significant amount of data from Beijing to Newark. The J-Bone-led Low-Tech team utilizes Johnny’s expertise to decode the information lacking to treat NAS. In the meantime, Pharmakom Industries is attempting to catch Johnny to get the information for themselves with the help of the Yakuza.

74. The Core

The Core
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 15m5.5Jon AmielJohn Rogers, Cooper LayneHilary Swank, Aaron Eckhart, Delroy Lindo2003

Global disasters are occurring as a result of the Earth’s core’s stoppage of rotation, including strange animal behavior and enormous thunderstorms. Dr. Josh Keyes and his five-person crew have set out to save humanity or restart the core rotation. They intend to drop into the center and set off a nuclear bomb.

75. Prime Risk

Prime Risk
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 38m5.5Michael FarkasMichael FarkasToni Hudson, Lee Montgomery, Sam Bottoms1985

Together, a female engineer and her male friend—who aspires to be a pilot—develop a scheme for robbing ATMs. But while they work out their plan, they learn about a dark attempt to undermine the soundness of the American financial system.

76. I.T.

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 35m5.5John MooreWilliam Wisher, Dan KayJason Barry, Pierce Brosnan,Karen Moskow2016

Mike Regan has all he could ever want in a gorgeous family and a state-of-the-art smart home. The aviation leasing sector is about to undergo a revolution because of his company. However, his relationship with his IT consultant deteriorates, and as a result, his teenage daughter is stalked, and his family is subjected to technological assaults.

77. Blackhat

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link2h 13m5.4Michael MannMorgan Davis FoehlViola Davis, Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei2015

A malware that sparked a terrorist attack at a nuclear power plant in China contained portions of computer code that Nick Hathaway, a highly skilled hacker who has gone astray, once authored. This allowed him to escape a 15-year prison sentence. This change will bring him back together with an old buddy. Still, it will also thrust him into a power struggle between the American and Chinese governments and into the path of a malicious hacker, the identity of whom he must discover if he wants to save his freedom and his life.

78. The Circle

The Circle
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 50m5.3James PonsoldtDave Eggers, James PonsoldtTom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega2017

Mae considers the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets hired to work for the world’s most prominent and influential digital and social media firm. As she advances through the ranks, the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey, encourages her to participate in a ground-breaking experiment that tests the bounds of ethics, privacy, and, eventually, her freedom. Every choice she makes and how she participates in the experiment starts to impact her friends and family’s lives and the future of humanity.

79. Masterminds

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 46m5.2Roger ChristianAlex Siskin, Floyd Byars, Chris BlackVincent Kartheiser, Patrick Stewart, Brenda Fricker1997

A cheeky kid, Oz returns to his old prep school to play one last joke. But as he enters the school’s basement to get ready, he meets a security advisor who had formerly worked there. The consultant has taken over the entire school and is holding it hostage for money. Oz must outwit the cunning criminal mastermind with his young vigor and passion for practical jokes to preserve the school.

80. Open Windows

Open Windows
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 40m5.1Nacho VigalondoNacho VigalondoElijah Wood, Sasha Grey, Neil Maskell2014

Nick declines to go out to dinner with Jill after winning a date with her in an online competition. Instead, he asks Chord to assist him by posing on his computer as Jill’s campaign manager. Nick continues to play along before realizing that he is being used as a puppet by Chord in his compulsive search for the actress.

81. NetForce

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link3h 20m5.0Robert LiebermanSteve Pieczenik, Tom Clancy, Lionel ChetwyndJoanna Going, Scott Bakula, Xander Berkeley1999

The FBI established a specialized unit dubbed “NetForce” in 2005 to look into criminal activity on the internet. Like Bill Gates, someone took over the internet by exploiting a flaw in a just-released web browser. The protagonists, played by Kristofferson and Bakula, were in charge of the NetForce squad that was working to stop the offender.

82. Webmaster

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 42m4.8Thomas Borch NielsenThomas Borch NielsenPuk Scharbau, Lars Bom, Jørgen Kiil1998

JB is regarded as the top attacker in the area and meticulously monitors his online and offline behavior. JB was concerned that Stoiser, out for vengeance, might hurt him once he breached the vital Stoiser realm. Stoiser, however, suggested that JB become a webmaster rather than resort to violence.

83. Storm Watch

Storm Watch
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 40m4.7Terry CunninghamSteve Latshaw, Terry Cunningham, Flavia CarrozziVanessa Marcil, Nick Cornish, Adrian Paul2002

An expert gamer in America is involved in a risky cyberterrorism scenario. He is now on the FBI’s Most Wanted List because someone stole his identity. The game’s developer is coercing him to participate in an evil scheme to wipe off the earth. Is there still enough time to figure out the plan and avert a worldwide catastrophe?

84. The Throwaways

The Throwaways
Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link1h 30m4.6Tony BuiDon Handfield, Michael Arlen RossJames Caan, Peter Brooke, Noel Clarke2015

Drew Reynolds, a known hacker, is apprehended by the C.I.A. and allowed to work with them or serve the rest of his life in prison. Drew concurs, but only if he can assemble his group. He makes a bunch of “throwaways”—individuals who are viewed as disposable and have a poor reputation.

85. Reboot

Destination URLDurationIMDb RatingDirectorsWritersLead CastYear
Movie Link0h 40m3.9Joe KawasakiJoe KawasakiTravis Aaron Wade, Emily Somers, Martin Copping2012

A young woman awakens with an iPhone in her palm but no memory of what had occurred. She is unsure what will happen when the phone reaches zero as it counts down to zero. Moreover, she’s uncertain of who she is and why she’s on the phone. She has to unravel the secret and stop whatever will happen at zero-hour as time goes on.

Is Movie Hacking Realistic? If It Is, How Can You Secure Yourself?


Movie hacking scenes frequently go over the top for dramatic effect, giving audiences a false impression of what hacking is actually like. Cybersecurity professionals use specialized knowledge, skills, and tools to find weaknesses and compromise systems during real-world hacking, which is considerably more difficult. It frequently calls for very meticulous preparation, social engineering, and taking advantage of legal software flaws. Contrary to the fast typing and eye-catching graphics seen in movies, real-world hacking is laborious.

However, you may take various things to protect yourself from cyber threats and hackers:

  • Create solid and one-of-a-kind passwords with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols for each account.
  • Update your operating system and software frequently to fix any potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Avoid downloading files from unreliable sources or clicking on strange links, as these are popular ways for malware to spread.
  • Avoid connecting to public WiFi without a VPN. Select a top-notch VPN provider like ExtremeVPN, which guarantees anonymity even when utilizing a public network. It secures your internet activity and makes them untraceable.

Additionally, you can dramatically lower your risk of becoming a victim of hacking efforts by educating yourself about typical cyber threats, engaging in safe online behavior, and being watchful of your digital footprint.


In conclusion, the 85 films in the collection on hackers and cybersecurity provide amusement and insightful information about our society’s problems. These films explore the complex interrelationship between the digital world and human perception while taking viewers on a thrilling journey into online hacking and cybersecurity. These films also provide a look at the development of the digital age.


What can I expect from Cybersecurity movies? Up
Cybersecurity movies provide a unique mix of exciting storylines, cutting-edge technology, and investigation of moral issues. You’ll see hackers using their abilities for various things, governments and organizations facing off online dangers, and heroes stumbling through the virtual realm searching for untold stories.
Are these movies based on actual events? Up
While some films are fictional, others are based on actual incidents or people from the computer and cybersecurity industries.
Are there any documentaries on this list? Up
Yes, some documentaries about actual people, things, or cybersecurity issues are on the list. These documentaries provide information about the hacker community, online activism, and privacy.
Where can I watch Cybersecurity movies? Up
Many films can be rented, acquired on physical media, or streamed on well-known streaming services. According to your location and the current licensing arrangements, their availability could be limited. But even if a movie is unavailable in your region, you can still watch it with ExtremeVPN’s subscription

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